10 reasons to upgrade to the A7IV – and some reasons not to.

Reasons to upgrade!

One:Improved autofocus with new modes, including bird’s eye detection.

Two:Increased resolution from 24MP to 33MP without loss of high ISO capability.

Tthree:Improved ergonomics. Same body shape and size as A7SIII, A7RIV, etc.

Four:CF Express Type A slot enables faster buffer clearing and longer burst shooting.

Five:New file modes including HEIF and 4K 60p.

Six:The colors are closer to the new cameras like the A7SIII and A1.

Seven:It includes a new easier webcam mode to use as a streaming camera.

Eight:Front screen for vloggers.

Nine:S-Cinetone and focus breath compensation for video shooters.

Ten:New Menu, Sensor, LCD and EVF.

Ten.5:Very convenient native ISO duel of 3,200.


One:It costs $500 more than its predecessor, the A7III, possibly more depending on sales.

Two:The image quality of the two cameras is very similar, especially for still images.

Three:Only one card slot supports CF Express Type A.

Four:Minimal resolution increase in practice. See the chart below.

Please check back as these lists may be subject to change or update as you learn more about this new camera.

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